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Dietary fiber is a type of carbohydrate that is not digestible by the body. Although it’s not digested, it has a number of jobs in our body...

The purpose of nutrition month is to help the public become aware of the importance of good nutrition and a healthful eating plan.

Health fair prizes or incentives can move games, presentations, and activities from good to great!

Section 1 - Calorie and Portion Awareness • Serving size - How big is this serving for the number of calories it contains? Remember, MyPlate advises that people avoid oversized portions. • Servings per container - Is that big chocolate bar really 3 servings? Make sure you know how many calories you are really eating! ... 3 Steps to Read Nutrition Facts Label

How much added sugar? For every 4 grams of sugar on a food label there is 1 teaspoon of sugar in the food (fruit is one exception and is okay because it is natural sugar accompanied with fiber and other nutrients) Some tea and soda beverages contain 5 teaspoons per cup - but they often ... What’s In Your Food?