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Let's talk Halloween...

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The pumpkin fun doesn't stop and start with Halloween. This festive dessert comes together in a snap and is cute enough for any occasion.

Whenever possible, green leafy vegetables should be on your plate. Consumption of green leafy vegetables is not only linked with a reduction in cancer and heart disease, but research suggests the consumption of lutein-containing vegetables (like spinach and kale) improves respiratory health. Lutein is a fat-soluble antioxidant that’s also found in eggs. 1   In addition, ... Eat greener over the holidays!

We published a wreath like this over 10 years ago and it has thousands of visits. Our long-time reader Barbara Rice, MS, RD, asked us to send her the link and I thought I should update it. Here is the photo or our new wreath. This delicious recipe was...

Black Friday is the single biggest shopping day of the year in the United States. Before the celebration dishes are even cool, shoppers are headed out the door at midnight or shopping online for all sorts of sales and deals to kick off the holiday season. Most stores maintain...