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It's time for a closer look at hemochromatosis! In this post, you can learn about the 3 types of hemochromatosis, along with their symptoms and effects on health. Keep your eyes peeled for a PDF handout too!

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A study published in the March Archives of Internal Medicine showed that men and women eating more red meat were significantly more likely to die from both cardiovascular disease (CVD) and cancer compared to those eating other foods. This study was done by Dr. Pan and associates at Harvard’s School of Public Health. They analyzed data about the ... More Red Meat = Shorter Life

Just in case you needed one more reason to adopt a more healthful diet based on fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains, you have it. AGEs (short for advanced glycation end products) are derived mostly from animal products and fatty foods subjected to high temperatures. These potentially harmful chemicals may increase the risk and/or speed ... Don?t Add AGEs?to Your Food!

Nutrient requirements stay the same or increase as we age, while calorie needs decrease. With this in mind, there is less room for empty calorie foods. If sweets are desired, nutrient packed sweets made with whole grains, fruits or vegetables are better choices than cookies, candy and other refined...