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When I presented at the Child and Adult Care Food Program's (CACFP) Sponsors Association Meeting a few weeks ago, I offered ways to help picky eaters shift to healthier eating patterns. The post Fun Ways to Get Picky Eaters to Try New Foods featured the first topic I addressed: sneaking in...

Health fair prizes or incentives can move games, presentations, and activities from good to great!

Looking for compelling nutrition posters to brighten your walls with motivation and education? You have come to the right place!

Gardens are great, and now is the time to get planting! In this post, you'll find five reasons to grow a garden, along with suggestions for what to grow and how to grow it!

The Salt Institute (SI) has long argued that dietary salt has little impact on blood pressure (BP) in normotensive people and only raises BP modestly in those with hypertension (HTN) who are ?salt sensitive?. The results from the DASH-Sodium trial discredit both claims. This study, unlike many in the past, which found little or no ... Excess Salt Raises Blood Pressure

What is Hypertension? Hypertension is another word for high blood pressure. Blood pressure is the force of blood against your artery walls. If it stays elevated over a period of time, that means that you have high blood pres- sure. So what constitutes ?elevated pressure?? Well, a blood pressure...