Barbara Rolls, PhD, RD and her staff at the University of Pennsylvania found that they could lower the calories of meals by adding vegetable purees. Everyone enjoyed the food and they ate 200-350 fewer calories per meal! Here are ways you can sneak in more veggies for your meals at...

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Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania completed a study1 that shows that hiding veggies in foods is an effective strategy to get people to eat more veggies and significantly fewer calories. This is because nonstarchy veggies are the foods that are the lowest in calorie density. For example, lettuce is a lot lower in calorie density ... Food News: Up with Purees
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Here is a dish that is very easy to make and pleasing to kids of all ages. Now that it is getting a little cooler it is fun to use the oven again! Oven Fries 2 medium-sized baking potatoes Cooking oil spray Black pepper to taste No-salt-added ketchup Rinse the potatoes under cold running water ... Oven Fries