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Layne Lieberman is joining us on the blog today to talk about key health lessons she learned while living abroad.

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MyPlate is a great resource for making healthful, balanced meals. You probably knew that already. But did you know that following MyPlate can make a huge difference in "adjusting" prepared meals and making them better for you? With MyPlate's portion and proportion guidelines, a huge meal that was filled with empty calories can actually become balanced...

Nicholas Doherty Final Project Report What happens to the calorie density, satiety, and nutrient makeup of 4 common plant foods as they are more highly processed? For my experiment I studied how processing food affects its calorie density, satiety, and nutrient makeup. • Calorie density is a way to compare various foods by the calories ... Science Project: Satiety
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Potassium is great for your heart, but many people aren’t getting nearly enough of it. On the flip side, most Americans are consuming way too much sodium, and we mean waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much sodium. Take a look at our strategies for balancing sodium and potassium intake!