Try this tasty recipe for a healthful vegetarian meal!
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This is the last installment of the MyPlate vegetable subgroup flavor exploration! Today we conclude with a bang, exploring the uses and flavors of the vegetables in MyPlate's "Other" Vegetables category.
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The fun continues with more free previews of the Mediterranean Diet education program...

Food choices, physical activity, and medications work together to control your blood glucose. Self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG) will show you how different foods, quantities of food, and physical activity all affect your blood glucose. It will also guide necessary changes. How often you should SMBG is individualized and...

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This wonderful vegetarian dinner was easy to make. It used 15 different vegetables and only took about 15 minutes to prep. The baking time was 1-1/2 hours - and it was unattended. The house smelled wonderful and now we have leftovers for tomorrow, too.