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Are you looking for new ways to help your clients reduce their added sugar intake? Thanks to some reader requests, there's now a free handout and strategy guide that offer great tips for cutting back on added sugars...

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The sweetener information celebration continues with a few more strategies for reducing the added sugars in your life! Share this article and handout with your clients and let me know what you think...
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Get ready for August with MyPlate's monthly tips!
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While there is little credible scientific evidence implicating HFCS as being far worse metabolically than other concentrated sweeteners, it does appear that all of these sweeteners may have some unique metabolic effects due to their high fructose content.
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Athletes use sports drinks to provide energy, maintain hydration, and improve performance. At the same time, consumers reach for lower calorie, lower sugar sports drinks as tasty thirst-quenchers, even when those people are not physically active. Let’s take a closer look at sports drinks to see whether they’re good...