While skinless chicken breast is popular, you may be throwing the baby out with the bathwater by not buying the whole bird. Here are a few reasons why…

The purpose of nutrition month is to help the public become aware of the importance of good nutrition and a healthful eating plan.

Health fair prizes or incentives can move games, presentations, and activities from good to great!
Food and Health

Judy Doherty takes a look at the research about family meals.

Best Bets at the Top Five Food Chains Top five food chains are McDonald's, KFC, Burger King, Starbucks and Subway. Here are the best low-cal choices in each place: - McDonald's: hamburger, apple dippers, yogurt, side salad with small amount of dressing  (McDonald' - Burger King: Whopper Junior or plain hamburger, fresh apples, macaroni and ... Fast Food Best Bets