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Today I took some of the key messages from one of our most popular posts of all time (Teaching a Cooking Class: Tips and Tricks) and turned them into a colorful infographic for your perusal...

Putting together a comprehensive and engaging cooking demonstration is hard work -- but that's about to change.

Looking for compelling nutrition posters to brighten your walls with motivation and education? You have come to the right place!

What makes a chef? In today's post, Judy Doherty, PC II, walks us through the intense process of becoming a professional chef. She also outlines what to look for in a cooking class instructor. So what are you waiting for? Check it out!
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These cookies are low in saturated fat and trans fat and the recipe is easy enough for an elementary-aged kid to make, tasty for everyone and a low-cost treat for all - it is our favorite! Smaller children can help pour flour and scoop cookies. 1/2 cup trans-free, light margarine (1 stick) 3/4 cup packed ... Kid’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

That price got your attention, I bet! Everyone is concerned about fuel and food prices at present and with good reason. Lately I have been making a greater effort to keep the food budget on target. I have been stocking up on sale items that we use on a...