Looking for a new way to serve delicious tacos? Go open-faced! I first saw these delicious street-style tacos while visiting a friend in LA. There are several advantages to making your tacos open faced. Here are 3 of them: They look bigger when they are open-faced instead of folded....

You may have already heard about our amazing PDF handout library, and the work continues! Now we're adding lots more while revamping a few fan favorites. Here's a redesigned and updated version of one of our top handouts: Apple a Day Savings...
Food and Health

National Nutrition Month is just around the corner -- are you ready for it?

Here are some great messages to create awareness for a plant-based diet for your clients, students, employees, and patients. The next time you are in the mood for a burger, consider the vegetarian alternative. One vegetarian burger contains about 120 calories. A meat patty contains almost double that amount...

These fun and educational incentives make the perfect prizes, rewards, awards, and gifts for health and wellness promotion. Set them up at your next wellness fair, nutrition class, or company raffle.

Choose from over 100 different nutrition posters, health posters, and motivational wellness posters, that will make your walls beautiful and educational.

Lettuce is an excellent vegetable choice because it is so versatile. It can be used in wraps, salads, and sandwiches. Here are some fun messages to help everyone think about the value of a salad. One cup of lettuce contains just 5 calories Keep your lettuce choices nutritious by making them dark in color. Baby ... Lettuce Messages