Cranberries are still in season. They add a wonderful color and acidic flavor to foods. Use them as a relish for chicken or turkey; sprinkle chopped cranberries into salads, cook them with pears or apples for dessert. Pears and apples are available and can easily be packed for lunches...

Apples vs Chips Take a look at our chart on the right. If you fill your refrigerator with one pound of apples and eat those in place of one pound of chips during the week, you will save $2.29 and 2016 calories. Over the course of one year this...

Putting together a comprehensive and engaging cooking demonstration is hard work -- but that's about to change.

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Cooking has a white paper you can download to show the best and worst list for pesticides in produce. They offer tips: 1)rinse produce in water whenever possible 2) eat a varied diet 3) buy organic when you can The 6 worst which scored over 80 include: 1 Peaches 2 Apples 3 Sweet Bell Peppers ... Food News You Can Use: Pesticides