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Today I want to share a new handout that I made just for you -- it's a Nutrition Month quiz...
Cooking, Kids

According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, one of the keys to National Nutrition Month this year is to "Practice cooking more at home and experiment with healthier ingredients." Let's talk more about that, shall we?

Did you know that the National Nutrition Month 2017 theme is "Put Your Best Fork Forward"?
Food and Health

March is National Nutrition Month! What a great opportunity to remind your clients of the health and nutrition lessons that are closest to your heart! To make your life a little easier, I did a great big round up of helpful links for Nutrition Month...

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How do vegetables save calories? Three ways! Growing, preparing, and eating! Here is a fun calculation example to show how vegetables can save over 3600 calories per week. That's one pound per week! Half the plate - make half the dinner plate veggies (nonstarchy) and reduce dinner calories by half or about 2,800 calories per ... Add Vegetables, Save Calories!