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Food Group Tag

This is a game that will involve a large amount of players. The players will break in to two different groups.


You will need to pick four “taggers” who will work as a team to tag the rest of the players. Each tagger will be given a food group: Protein, Grains, Fruits, and Vegetables.


The rest of the players will be called “Empty Servings”. Their goal is to run away from the taggers. Empty Servings do not work as a team.


The taggers must tag each of the Empty Servings within four minutes of game time. Once an Empty Serving player has been tagged they have to freeze in place and announce what food group they are part of now and think of a food in that group.

The taggers main goal is to make sure they have a healthy plate. Meaning they have to have:

1 fruit

1 vegetable

1 protein

1 grain

Example: If there are eight empty servings the taggers must make two empty servings fruits, two empty servings veggies, two whole grains, and two proteins.

Game Time: The four taggers must line up shoulder to shoulder with the Empty Servings standing five feet in front of them. Once “Go” is called the Empty Servings must run away from the Taggers for four minutes.

Once the game time is finished “Stop” must be called. The tagger must stop where they are and then count to make sure they have the right number of food groups.

If the Taggers do not have the right numbers of food groups they have 30 seconds to change one empty serving player to balance their plate.

Example: If you have too man protein servings you can change one of them to a serving of vegetables or fruits or whatever is needed.

At the end of the game you can serve a glass of skim milk to help everyone know that a serving of dairy is included, too.

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Game creation by Sean Tuohy.

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