Summer Fun and New Resources: Part One

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This summer has been an especially busy one here at Food and Health Communications, and I want to make sure that you don't miss a single thing that could make your life easier! We've been researching, recipe testing, and starting new projects all summer long, devoting ourselves to exciting products that can breathe new life into nutrition education. So, what have we been up to?

CandyPosterA Closer Look at Fat and Sugar: We put solid fats and added sugars under the microscope and came up with fantastic new posters and tearpads about the sugar and fat content of popular foods and drinks. I think you'll really like these -- they've got tons of information, presented in a visually engaging way. We also learned quite a few surprising facts about solid fats and added sugars, so of course I blogged about them over at the Nutrition Education Store's blog ( Below are links to the posters, handouts, and the stories behind them. I also put together a team of actors and cameramen to film a few educational videos about the solid fats and added sugars. Don't worry -- I'll post the link as soon as I'm done editing them...

  • Take a behind-the-scenes look at sugar and review what we learned while making these products.
  • Get a behind-the-scenes look at fat and check out the funny facts we encountered while planning everything.
  • Ready for the posters? They're ready for you! Check out the Are You Drinking Candy? poster, then review the How Much Fat is in That? poster. Want both? Get both! If you purchase the What's in Your Food pack, you'll get both posters for a fraction of what they cost when bought separately.
  • Looking for handouts? Look no further! Here are links to the fat and sugar handouts, which offer great details about the fat and sugar content of a whole ton of foods.

Health and Wellness PosterPoster Fun: We've created a ton of new posters that feature a wide range of nutrition education topics. From MyPlate to the drive-thru, we've got everything you need in the poster section of our store. The top-selling new posters include...

  • A general health and wellness poster that comes with tons of great handouts about sleep, exercise, and balanced meals.
  • A new take on MyPlate, revamped for an exam room or waiting area.
  • A simple guide to portion control, with tons of pictures to help get the message across. This poster is double sided -- one side is in English, and the other is in Spanish, which makes it perfectly versatile for a wide range of audiences. It features the top 4 foods that really need portion control -- fried foods, burgers, baked goods, and beverages.
  • A plan for healthful eating that pregnant and breastfeeding women can refer to whenever they need it. This poster also comes with great reference handouts and fun meal ideas.

Vegetable Bulletin Board KitBulletin Board Kits: Bulletin boards are fantastic tools, and I did a post about the 4 things you need to create engaging bulletin boards just last week. One of the reasons I've got boards on the brain is that I just created a whole bunch of bulletin board kids. So now you don't have to track down resources or research recipes -- everything you need is right there in the kit. And, if you really like bulletin boards, consider picking up the 8 bulletin board kit package! I've listed some of my other favorite bulletin boards below -- check them out!

  • Whole grain bulletin board kit
  • Calcium bulletin board kit
  • Vary your veggies bulletin board kit

-- Judy Doherty, PC II

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