Farmer’s Market Meal Planning

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From left to right: squash, corn, lettuce, mulberries, tomatoes, peaches, mushrooms, fennel, parsley, cherries, and potatoes.

Farmer's markets have started to wake up again. Going shopping outdoors with social distancing is a great way to stay healthy and get out of the house!

These 11 items cost just under $30 at a farmer's market in Castro Valley, CA. Even the flowers were a great deal at just $5 a bunch. The weekly local farmers market provided me with a way to walk somewhere fun, shop outdoors, and to support our local farmers. It is always so enjoyable to see what is in season.

at edge46432 Farmer's Market Meal Planning

Whenever you need inspiration for meal planning, the farmer's market is always a great place to go. It is fun to meet and support the people who grow our food and to search for recipes and meal ideas based on what is in the season.

My plan for the week:

  1. Oven-baked French fries with herb-baked shrimp
  2. Mushroom fennel pizza
  3. Taco salad with corn, lettuce, tomatoes, beans, and rice
  4. Grilled squash and chicken fajitas
  5. Fresh tomato pasta with white beans, salad

Here are more ideas plus see our handout and recipe links below. Or search our recipe database for more.

Potatoes: oven fries; I cut them in wedges, sprinkled with a new "Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Seasoning" and baked them to crispy perfection. They can be baked on the grill on oiled foil or in the oven. If they are sliced in thin wedges you don't need to flip them halfway. You can make your own pizza seasoning with cheese, paprika, garlic, and pepper.

IMG 0948 Farmer's Market Meal Planning

Squash and corn: Slice the squash and husk the corn. Why not cook them on the grill? I always use a light oil spray and then top with lemon and herbs as they go onto the plates to serve them.

Fennel: You can grill or steam fennel but it is also so delicious when sliced raw and put into salads.

Lettuce: Salads are always a favorite in summer or any time of year and they can make a whole meal; just see our handout below.

Tomatoes: salsa and salads

Peaches, mulberries, and cherries: breakfast, dessert

One more thing you can do with summer fruit is to make a little aqua fresca

Agua fresca is a delicious beverage made with fresh fruit, water, lime juice, and a little sugar. All you do is blend it in your blender. Check out the free recipe here.

aqua fresca Farmer's Market Meal Planning

Here is a fun handout for planning meals around your farmer's market shopping for summer.

Handout: Summer Meals





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