Summer Farmer’s Market Cooking Demo

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Our subscriber writes that she is making a food/cooking demonstration for a farmer's market. The good news is that she has plenty of wonderful fruits and vegetables. The challenge is that they only gave her a hot plate and an electric skillet.

"GREAT!" We tell her - an electric skillet is easy to use and it makes everyone feel like they can go home and cook just like you because almost everyone has a skillet and knows how to use it.

Here are our suggestions:

Warm salsa -

Summer's bounty of fresh peppers, tomatoes, onions, herbs and fruits lend themselves well to a warm salsa.

If I was going to make a warm salsa in the skillet, I would chop tomatoes (or use cherry tomatoes just as they are), peppers, green onions, cilantro and peaches/apricots. I would warm them gently - add cilantro and lime at the end and enjoy - this could go great with whole grain pita triangles, chips, veggies, fish, chicken, even fresh salsa or rice - the sky is the limit.

Skillet cobbler -

If you have berries and plums you can make a skillet cobbler. I would cut the plums in quarters and bring to a simmer with sugar and a bit of water plus cinnamon. Then when it is soft add the berries and stir and serve.

There are a few Farmer's Market handouts here.

And here is the link to a recipe for lower-calorie cheesecake, sorbet cake and a chart on the calories of these items compared to regular frosted cakes.


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