Summer Education Ideas

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Healthy Grill and Seasonal Recipes

Anne Linge, RD, CD, CDE of the University of Washington, writes, “We encourage the use of seasonal foods and recipes for summer. We offer various ways to use fresh fruits and vegetables.

And we encourage them to grill a variety of healthy foods to keep meals interesting and fun. We offer timely tips for summer, such as: foods for travel, active vacations, holiday picnics and more. In August we will start thinking about fall items and alternative exercises to use indoors, as September often starts our rainy season.”

Summer Food Safety

Karen Jircitano, RD, LDN, Nutrition Education Coordinator, was teaching a group about storing soups and other foods in shallow containers when she got this idea. Her class was suitably impressed with it! She took a big spaghetti pot of boiling water and told them that it was “soup” and then ladled out enough to fill 2 different sized Ziploc plastic ware containers (2-cup and 1-cup sizes). She left the remaining water in the big pot. Periodically throughout the class, Karen took the temperature of the water in all 3 containers, and it was amazing how different they all were! The people were really impressed, and this demonstration drummed home the idea that small containers cooling quickly are the safest way to go.

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