Sugar Consumption

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Christine Palumbo, MBA, RD, is going to give a presentation to dentists regarding sugar consumption and she requested this chart on sugar consumption trends (this data is from the USDA and is on availability per capita). We found it for her and created a screen shot - there are many more from

Interesting notes about this chart:

  • slightly decreased sugar (pink line)
  • but increased corn sweeteners (blue line)

USDA data  states the influx of moms to the work force has changed consumption patterns and women are doing a lot less cooking and baking and a lot more purchasing of products that are already finished. It seems that one type of sugar went down a little and one went up a lot which effectively means that sugar consumption has increased by roughly 50% (from about 100 pounds to about 150 pounds per person which is about 6 ounces per day).

There has been some research that the corn sweeteners in beverages do not provide the satiety as real foods with fiber.

Here is Christine's presentation outline:

Christine M. Palumbo, MBA, RD “The Office: Nutrition Trends Impacting Your Practice

Christine M. Palumbo, MBA, RD, nutrition communications consultant and Chicago Parent columnist will identify the food and nutrition trends impacting your patients and their families. How are today’s parents feeding their children? What’s with the rise in foods with added fiber, probiotics, Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants? Hear the latest thoughts on anti-inflammatory eating. Identify tips for incorporating all these trends into your dental practice during this dynamic presentation, including:

  • Health issues you’re seeing and their relationship to nutrition: Obesity, allergies, autism, ADHD
  • The gluten-free bandwagon
  • Sources of sugar – Foods and beverages parents may not be aware of
  • Trends in dining out


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