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You guys, I've moved!

After seven incredible years in California -- where I got four degrees and watched my son launch his career -- I'm back in Colorado. I'm so excited to be in an affordable space where I can pursue a healthy outdoor lifestyle.

Check out the creation studio that's responsible for bringing you all the wonderful photos and recipes you see on this blog...

This tour includes all of the props, surfaces, shooting areas and kitchen!

The photo above is a tiiiiiiiny snapshot of all the glassware I use. Glassware sets the right mood for a table as well as making drink photography a lot of fun. Sometimes I even put desserts in glassware too!

Of course, you can't photograph food without a place to put it (most of the time anyway). The photo above features some of my favorite dishes and platters. One of my favorites in this photo is the set of big white bowls that I found at Macy's. I love putting power bowls, soups, and salads in them -- the food always pops!

And here's another angle! There are so many pieces that help elevate my photography. Do you see the stoneware? I love it because it makes everything look more homemade.

Not sure what's going on in the picture up there? No worries!

It's our surface library, and I use each of the pieces of wood, slate, paper, and marble for the tabletop surfaces in a photo.

The photo above may look like a jumble of cleaning supplies, boxes, and aprons, but it's all my food styling equipment. I use the spray bottles for adding condensation to glasses, which I love because it makes drinks look chilled.

And finally, here is where the magic happens -- my beloved kitchen!

I am so excited about this space because it is a lot larger and easier to keep organized and make more recipes. Stay tuned -- the best is yet to come!

By Judy Doherty, MPS, PC II

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