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Louise Levy, MPH, came up with the idea of using the top 20 list of antioxidant foods.

She welcomes this list for her nutrition education classes to divert attention from all the low-carb fad diets that are being portrayed in the media.

Barbara Rice, MS, RD, at Johnson Space Center conducted a presentation titled, “Eating from the Rainbow.” This featured fresh fruits and vegetables as well as some other foods whose nutrient contents may offer protection against cancer, diabetes, stroke, arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular disease risks as well as risks for other chronic diseases.

Colorful handouts are available for each attendee and after each Tuesday’s presentation, a Taste Test Tuesday is conducted by the Wellness Committee. This gives employees the opportunity to actually taste the colorful foods that Barbara has discussed in the presentation. These included cherry tomatoes, pink grapefruit, broccoli, roasted garlic, raw spinach, blueberries, salmon, oats, red grapes, walnuts, almonds and green tea. Barbara says, “I am not sure that I can tell you what their favorite was because, after hearing me talk about the phytochemicals and antioxidants, etc., I think that everyone saw this as an opportunity to have a very small taste of the ones that were unfamiliar to them such as green tea, etc. Everyone was surprised at how tasty the roasted garlic was. I think all enjoyed the blueberries and red grapefruit as well as the salmon and walnuts. Most were really surprised at how even a very small portion packs a great nutrient punch.”

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