Stretching Our Protein – In Action – Winner Dinner!

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Here is a fun dinner that costs about $2-2.50 per person (if using Sprouts or Trader Joe's). We had such a great response to our "stretching your protein" post that we thought we would start experimenting to make great meals on a budget.

I chopped up all of the odds and ends from my refrigerator. Top to bottom, left to right: potatoes, baked chicken thighs, kale, fennel, white beans, carrots, mushrooms, and onions.

Then I got busy making a quick stew. I added a little olive oil to a pan with some garlic and then sauteed these items in this order: onions, fennel, carrots, mushrooms. When they were lightly browned I added the chicken, beans, and potatoes. Followed by 2 cups of low-sodium vegetable broth. (HINT: keep low-sodium vegetable bouillon cubes on hand because you always have broth ready when you want it.)

Since the chicken is already cooked you only have to cook everything until the potatoes are tender, about 20 minutes.

I added some seasonings including garlic powder, Italian seasoning, black pepper, and fresh herbs.

It is delicious with crackers and a little grilled asparagus:

To grill the asparagus: spray a little oil and sprinkle with panko bread crumbs. Grill over a gas grill on medium, turning frequently. Take them off when just browned a little and season with lemon.

Enjoy! Check out our recipe database or the June Newsletter for more ideas!

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