Stock Your Kitchen For Fast Healthy Meals

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Our newest video is in the works! Stock Your Kitchen For Fast and Healthy Meals!

Why: because you will save time, money and calories

You will save time because you won't have to keep running to the store or out to eat. Consider how long it takes to go to a restaurant, place an order, wait for it, take it home and serve/clean up. Our surveys to health professionals showed that it takes less time to prepare a healthful meal if you have the ingredients on hand.  Get organized and have more time to enjoy your home and  your life!

You will save money - it costs roughly .80 each for lasagna versus $12.95 for the same dish while out. Save money on food and have more to save and spend on other things you enjoy!

You will save calories, fat and sodium. Most restaurant food contains at least double the fat, sodium and calories if not more. Take control of what goes in your food and in your body!

Here is the first picture from our grains section. We like to keep pasta, rice, couscous, bulgur, oatmeal, whole grain low-sodium cereals, light popcorn and whole cream of wheat on hand - all delicious whole grains that you cook that do not have added salt or fat. 

We will add more sections as we shoot - stay tuned!

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