Stock Your Kitchen for Fast Meals

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The secret to preparing fast and delicious meals at home is to have the ingredients on hand. Here is a quick shopping list of staples for your kitchen. Having these items on hand will enable you to cook quick and healthful meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
To really save time, use the trick of over 80% of food and nutrition professionals surveyed: make planned leftovers! That’s right! When you cook, make it worth your while and make extra. You can freeze it or serve it the next day.
Dry Goods to Keep On Hand
Canned or dry beans
Favorite spices, herbs, seasonings
Healthful canned soups
Oil and vinegar
Pasta sauce
Tuna fish
Whole-grain breads and cereals
What to Put in the Refrigerator
Salad vegetables
Sweet potatoes
Fat-free sour cream
Margarine (light)
Orange juice
Parmesan cheese
Skim milk
Yogurt (light)
What to Buy for the Freezer
Ground turkey breast (skinless)
Fish and seafood
Lean cuts of beef or pork (loin or round)
Fruits—great for smoothies and desserts
Vegetables for soups, stir-fry dishes, side dishes, and additions to pasta
Veggie burgers

10 Fast Meal Ideas (or what to make with all of this stuff!):
1. Baked potato stuffed with fat-free sour cream, steamed broccoli and parmesan cheese; tossed salad.
2. Baked chicken or fish; steamed rice; salad or fresh vegetables.
3. Spaghetti with lentils; salad
4. Macaroni with turkey tomato sauce; salad
5. Shrimp Vegetable Stir Fry with Rice
6. Chili (vegetarian or with ground turkey breast) and rice; salad
7. Veggie burger with baked sweet potato; fresh-steamed veggies
8. Tuna macaroni casserole
9. Vegetable soup
10. Chicken stew
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