Spring Snack Tips from Victoria Shanta Retelny

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Snack and entertain in style with fruits and vegetables! Here are some healthy indulgences from Victoria Shanta Retelny, RD and Food and Health Communications:
- Avocado-based dips with baked chips
- Colorful and crunchy veggie and fruit kabobs
- Healthful nuts like pistachios in the shell  are a great portion controlled treat (there's 49 calories in a serving and the shells are a great reminder of when you've had enough!)
- Handmade chocolate-dipped dried plums, apricots and apples. Great way to indulge a sweet tooth in a healthy way!
- Sliced apples with vanilla yogurt and caramel drizzle - decadent and more fruit, too!
- 1 Minute Berry Pie -place berries in a pie dish in the microwave for one minute. Cook one?minute, stir and serve warm.

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