A Guide to Spectacular and Professional Plate Presentations

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One way to make healthy food more appealing to your audience is to learn to make a great presentation. There are many elements of a plate presentation, including the main entree, garnishes, sauces, and accompaniments. Each one presents an opportunity to add visual and palatable contrasts.

After all, there's a reason so many chefs say that "People eat with their eyes."

Help your clients make healthier choices by making nutritious foods more appealing in your displays and cooking demonstrations. Or make your blog posts and social media efforts more professional and effective. Teach better plate presentations. And make your foodservice presentations more appealing and memorable.

It all comes down to professional and artistic plating.

In fact, this idea is so impactful that I've been getting requests from the nutrition and health education community to put together a course that will make this advice easier to implement.

The result is the comprehensive Guide to Spectacular and Professional Plate Presentations: 20 hour CPE Course. The newest addition to the Online School, this course provides an in-depth review of how to set up both impressive and polished presentations for a variety of foods. (Use the coupon code SCHOOL6 to get 20% off any of our courses through the end of September).

As a special preview, today I'd like to share one of the 23 engaging lessons with you, for free! Check it out! This video will teach you different sauce painting styles along with the tools required to make them.

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