Sodium Match

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From Elovia Peddle - We just did a talk today for seniors that included a discussion on hypertension and sodium.

The talk was created and presented by one of our second year diet tech students, Jennifer Bucell, from Cuyahoga Community College.

The object of this game is to have a volunteer try to figure out if the amount of sodium in the product (as displayed by a test tube attached to a food model, package or picture) is higher or lower than the amount of sodium listed on a card. (There is one laminated card for each product). They will use a MORE or LESS index playing card to indicate their guess. You have 7 MORE cards and 7 LESS cards, so they could actually choose all MORE or all LESS.

This will be a The Price is Right Game, but rather than the price of products, you will be guessing the sodium of products.

Ask for a volunteer from the audience. Start with the carrots. “Fresh is best, especially when it comes to sodium. Do you think this half cup of fresh carrots has more or less than 100 mg of sodium?” Have the volunteer indicate her guess with a MORE or LESS card.

Don’t give the answers until the end.

“American cheese – we have a one ounce slice. And there is nothing more American than a grilled cheese sandwich! Do you think this slice of cheese is more or less than 300 mg of sodium?”

Show the can of green beans and say, “Here we have a can of green beans. The serving size is a half cup. Unsalted green beans have 10 mg of sodium per half cup. Do you think the canned green beans have more than or less than 350 mg of sodium per half cup serving?”

“Hot dog! Another one of America’s favorites! Do you think this hot dog has more or less than 500 mg of sodium?”

“Microwave popcorn – This is before you grab the salt shaker or add those special buttery seasonings. Do you think a half bag of this popcorn is more or less than 600 mg of sodium?”

“We have a can of Chunky Chicken Noodle soup. Mom’s favorite and it’s good. But what about the sodium? Do you think the one cup (half the container) serving has more or less than 800 mg of sodium?”

“And finally, the frozen dinner – do you think it has more or less than 1,000 mg of sodium?”

Before we reveal the answers, let’s see if the audience agrees with you. Get some feedback. Thank the participant. Give her the gift and have her sit down. Then show the answers (a slide on PowerPoint).

The chicken soup (can) card says 800 mg – Actual amount in one cup is 890 mg=MORE

½ cup of canned green beans card says 350 mg – Actual amount is 390 mg=MORE

Fresh carrots card says 100 mg – Actual amount is 50 mg=LESS

Hot dog card says 500mg – Actual amount is 510 mg=MORE

Microwave popcorn card says 600 mg for half bag – Actual amount is 660 mg=MORE

Frozen dinner (box) card says 1,000 mg – Actual amount is 910 mg=LESS

American cheese card says 300 mg – Actual amount is 270=LESS

Thank you for playing!

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