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Shopping List Contest
Publish a healthy shopping list and encourage everyone to come up with healthful meals for the ingredients. Dishes must use these ingredients, be low in fat and sodium, and use vegetables. Here is a simple list:
• Oil, light soy sauce, vinegar, herbs
• Rice, pasta, whole grain cereal, oatmeal
• Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, green onions, carrots, frozen broccoli, mushrooms, canned tomatoes, pasta sauce
• Apples, melon, berries
• Parmesan, yogurt, skim milk
• Chicken, fish, lentils, egg whites
We will be using these ingredients in our food blog in the coming month - so individuals can get ideas and recipes there, too. Here is a list of meals for these ingredients, which have all be featured in past issues of CFFH Newsletter. Put a salad with each meal:
1. Mediterranean Potato Pizza
2. Chicken Tomato Pasta
3. Fish, Potato
4. Chicken Stirfry
5. Lentils and Rice
6. Lentil Chili Rice Pot
7. Arroz con Pollo
8. Lentil Soup
9. Chicken Stew
10. Vegetable Omelette (whites)
Snacks: yogurt parfait, apple sauce, fruit cup, oatmeal

Hot Topics
We recently conducted a survey to health professionals online to determine what the most important lessons were for them to teach. Here is their list, in order of importance:
1. Portion control
2. Fruits and vegetables
3. Eat a balanced diet
4. Nutrition Facts Label
5. Cook more at home (tied with number 6)
6. MyPlate
In addition to the main choices above, we also received more hot topics for education:
• Preparing healthy meals in less time, how to eat healthfully while dining out
• Look at science, not hype
• Mindful eating and environmental control
• Basic survival skills
• Cut down on beverage
• Less sodium (for prevention), whole grains, low-fat dairy, less added sugar
• Whole foods
• Nutrient density

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