Shopping With Kids

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• Have children make a shopping list. Older children can plan a meal, then make a list. Younger children can be encouraged to list a few of their favorite healthy foods.

• Take a trip to the local farmer’s market to pick out fresh produce. The nicest thing about the farmer’s market, besides quality and price, is that there are no cookies, sweetened cereals, crackers, candy, toys or juice to compete with your time and effort. Suddenly the focus is on fruits and vegetables!

• If you don’t have a farmer’s market near you, create a produce stand in the classroom, try to find a roadside produce stand or use the produce aisle of the grocery store.

• Give children a tour of the market/produce stand or identify and explain a few of the produce items. If possible, allow them to sample, select and purchase a few items.

Produce preparation

• Have everyone wash their hands before any food preparation begins, .

• Allow kids to help wash and prepare the fresh produce you selected at the market. They can wash items under cold running water, shuck corn, stir lettuce in a sink of water, or place cut items in a bag. Adults should always use knives, peelers or other sharp objects.

• Smaller children should be given a sturdy step stool so they can reach counters and sinks.

• Clean as you go and encourage your young helpers to do the same.

• Allow children to sample items they have chosen; encourage them to try something new.

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