Shopping: Eggs

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Here are some fun stats and shopping tips for eggs:

1 egg = 1/4 cup = 2 ounces 1/4 cup egg white = 1 egg

An egg yolk contains 54 calories and 209 mg of cholesterol. An egg white contains 13 calories and 0 mg of cholesterol.

Cost: 1 dozen eggs: $1.99, 12 ounces egg white: $2.04

Our opinion is that it is better to buy the egg whites in car- tons - they are pasteurized and you can buy them on sale and freeze them until needed - they thaw rapidly in the microwave. You are not as likely to get salmonella or food poisoning in handling them and there is not the risk of breakage or waste. The egg white or egg substitute is a better, safer deal and better for your heart.

The cost comparison is based on the fact that you will throw away the yolks because of their high cholesterol content.

One more item we keep on hand is powdered egg whites - they are great for baking and have a long shelf life. It is easy to keep them on hand for emergencies when you run out of fresh eggs. Follow the directions on the package for use.

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