Set Realistic Weight Goals

Unrealistic Goals

  • Weight loss of 10 pounds/month
  • Exercising every day
  • No restaurant dining
  • No snacking
  • No desserts
  • Strict diet
  • Skip breakfast or lunch every day
  • Buy special foods to lose weight

Realistic Goals

  • Weight loss of 1-2 pounds/month
  • Aim for exercise 5-6 days/week
  • Learn to make better choices at restaurants
  • Find satisfying low-cal snacks
  • Share an occasional dessert with other people
  • Eat some of the foods you like, but smaller portions
  • Eat healthy, lean breakfasts and lunches
  • Enjoy plenty of fruits and veggies, cooked whole grains and lean protein items

Sample Goals:
1. Aim for a weight loss of no more than 1-2 pounds/month.
2. Make a conscious effort to buy and eat more fruits and vegetables.
3. Plan ahead for grocery shopping to avoid random purchases.
4. Manage the food you keep on hand – go out for occasional treats instead of keeping them around the house.
5. Make better and smaller choices when you eat at restaurants, eg. Soup and salad or appetizer and salad.
6. Plan meals to avoid poor nutrition entrees.
7. Bring a bag lunch from home when possible.
8. Keep high-cal packaged snack foods out of the house.  By Jan Treft-Allen, RD.

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