Salad Twister Game

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This game will teach everyone how to make a healthy salad and it will have them out of their seats, moving and having fun, too!

Here is a way to make salads fun for the kids and play Twister Salad by Sean Tuohy.



-Two Posterboards

- Darts

On each posterboard, draw a pie with slices big enough to write in because you are going to write the letters nice and big so everyone can read them from far away. The number of slices you must draw is up to you- you will fill in each slice with a food name, but keep in mind that you must have an even number of pie slices. In each blank space you need to write down some type of salad fixing, alternating between healthy (a veggie of some kind) and then unhealthy (cheese, fatty salad dressing or bacon bits) slices next to each other. Ensure that the pies do not repeat foods- if you write “lettuce” on one, you cannot write it on the other.

A example should look like this:


-Ranch Dressing


-Bacon Bits



Once you have put all the food products put the board you need to put down points that each is worth. The points are based on the balance between nutrient content and calories. Fatty items get 0 points while nutritious items like veggies and lettuce and lowfat dressings get 50 points.

Now that your game board is set up you need to put it on to a wall. After making two even teams of players, have them stand about five feet away from the board. The teams need to make a salad with a total calories for whatever amount you want, let’s say 500. Each player has one try to throw a dart at the board and to make the salad. Before the game begins, one player should be picked to throw last (hint: this should be the person with the best aim because they will be throwing from ten feet from the board and they will have only two tries).

The first three players go up and throw the dart and hit the board. They have to add together the calories from each food they hit.

After the last player has thrown the dart, twice, each team has to go and add up the total points they have gained. The team with a score closet to the 500 points is the winner.

By the end of the game the players should understand how to make a good, tasty, and healthy salad.

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