Salad Display and Activity Ideas

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Adding more fruits and vegetables to a healthy eating pattern can be a bit daunting, but adding a side salad to a meal or two can make a big difference. Here is a small collection of ideas that you can use to make it easier for your clients to enjoy salads...

Salad Contest:

Gather your participants and explain that over the next month or so, you will be leading a salad recipe contest.

The goal is to find the tastiest salads that showcase the most nutritious ingredients.

Each week or so (depending on your time constraints and the number of people in your class) a few different participants will prepare samples of their favorite healthful salad recipes to try. Once everyone has sampled each dish, they will vote on a winner, whose dish will make it to the finals.

Once everyone has entered a dish, the finalists will face off and prepare their dishes a second time. A vote will once again determine the winner, or you can choose several people to win the contest. Consider awarding prizes like cooking equipment or grocery gift cards.

Be sure to highlight food safety best practices before anyone cooks a salad to bring in to share with the group, and do your best to create a food safe environment for all that sampling.

Colorful Salad Display:

Post the bulletin board banner in a highly-visible area of your space.

Print photos from the internet, grab your own drawings or photos, or cut images from magazines to represent the ingredients pictured on the plate of salad on the banner. Think lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, etc. Post each image in its own spot near the banner.

Write out a few fun facts about each food, along with its impact on health and post those facts near the images that you chose to surround the banner. Consider adding vitamin and mineral content and tidbits from the latest scientific studies until you have a full and interesting bulletin board.

Don't miss the members-only post Salad Handout -- it's got a PDF handout with a fun salad recipe!

And here's a printable handout that collects these activity and display ideas...


Finally, this activity was excerpted from the materials that accompany the Salad Bulletin Board Banner. Check it out, along with these other great resources...

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