Relieve Stress and Promote Fruit with Brand-New Coloring Pages

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Have you heard about all the health benefits of coloring? Who would have guessed that such a simple activity could have such ramifications for health?

According to the Mass Public Health Blog,

"Coloring has the unique ability to engage your fine motor skills while training the brain to focus. Coloring offers the additional benefit of mindfulness, or being in the moment. Coloring is calming, as moving your hand in a rhythmic fashion becomes a form of meditation. As a result, coloring releases tension and reduces stress and anxiety" (emphasis added).

Calming your brain while promoting mindfulness is great news for your health, as is finding healthful ways to get rid of stress, tension, and anxiety.

With that in mind, I asked my team of artists to come up with some great coloring pages that also promote healthful dietary messages. Here's what they created to highlight the key role of fruit in any eating pattern...

J Coloring Fruit Adult Relieve Stress and Promote Fruit with Brand-New Coloring Pages

Just click on the image above to get a free printable PDF copy of this page to use however you'd like!

And here's a simplified one for kids!

J Coloring Fruit Kids Relieve Stress and Promote Fruit with Brand-New Coloring Pages

I hope you like them!

Check out the one we created for National Nutrition Month that is now complete with photos and a story for using it as a contest item!

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