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The Professional Membership is a perfect option for 1 busy health and nutrition educator for less than $11 per month. It includes...

  • License to distribute and reproduce materials for one user
  • White label nutrition education newsletter
  • Professional newsletter and handouts each month.
  • Search and view all member-only articles
  • Over 1000 chef-developed, healthful recipes with nutrition analysis
  • A monthly member-only resource page
  • PDF handout library and search tool for all handouts on our site
  • Access to our comprehensive clipart library
  • Our premium set of tools:
    • Language translator
    • PDF creator
    • Email-to-client tool
    • Premium search tool
  • Weekly emails with new handouts and nutrition articles every week

With these resources, your job will be easier and you will look your very best.

What's not to love? Sign up today! This membership is for one professional and auto renews at this special price.

Other licensing and payment terms:

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