Plate Presentations Made Easy for Dietitians and Other Health Professionals 1 Hour Course

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Here are proven techniques for making fresh and attractive plate presentations that can be used in a variety of settings, including cooking demonstrations, staff training, instructional videos, social media, and more. By making an attractive plate you will capture people's attention and respect so they are more receptive to your health and nutrition messages plus your work will be shared and requested more often!

You'll also learn about the five deadly sins of plate presentations: what they are and how to ensure they never appear in any of yours. And get the benefit of our speaker's extensive research on the use of color, taste elements, shapes, composition, and design in plate presentations.

Whether you’re a dietitian, food service manager, chef, dietary manager, home economist, culinary art instructor, blogger—anyone who wants to create more attractive plate presentations in less time—this seminar is exactly what you need.

Featured speaker: Judy Doherty, BS, PC II, Founder and President, Food and Health Communications, Inc.

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