NCEP Cholesterol Guidelines: 4-Hour CPE Course


Dr. James J. Kenney, PhD, RD, FACN

Goals and Objectives:

  1. Explain why a diet higher in fat and lower in carbohydrate is not necessarily optimal for treating overweight or obese patients with the metabolic syndrome.
  2. List the major changes in the NCEP's blood lipid goals for the treatment and prevention of coronary artery disease in adults.
  3. Give two or more reasons why a drop in HDL-C level that frequently accompanies a switch to a higher carbohydrate, lower fat diet does not mean the same thing in terms of CVD risk as the same HDL-C level on a high-fat diet.
  4. Explain why the loss of excess body fat is far more important than the ratio of fat to carbohydrate in the diet for patients with Type 2 DM and the metabolic syndrome.
  5. List three reasons why the rise in fasting serum triglyceride levels seen in many studies are not likely to be associated with the progression of atherosclerotic lesions.
  6. Explain the differences between the NCEP'S Step 2 Diet and the new TLC Diet for treating patients at high risk of atherosclerotic disease.

Course Details:

  • 4 hour CPE course
  • Includes a certificate you can download upon completion
  • Features lifetime access to articles and certificates
  • Read lessons, take quiz, get certificate, all at your leisure
  • Learning needs codes: 4040, 5160, 5260, 5090, 5100