Get to Know the World’s Blue Zones: How to Introduce Clients and Patients to a Lifestyle That Improves Health and Increases Longevity – On Demand Webinar

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Blue Zones: Locations around the world where people not only live longer, but also more active and healthier lives. Five of these zones exist, and in each one, living to 90 or even 100 years is common.

As a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist or health educator, your job is to help your clients and patients do just that: live longer by eating better and taking care of their mental and physical health.

Today's consumers are bombarded with information about products and services designed to slow or even reverse the effects of aging. Unfortunately, many are shams designed to separate people from their money. But consumers looking for a quick fix are often drawn in by these promises. Here's how you can help put them on the path to success using an approach that works.

  • So what are the best strategies for educating and motivating your clients and patients to choose lifestyles that can reduce disease and improve their overall health?
  • How can you stay on top of the latest research and share that knowledge in a way that can help clients make the best decisions about their health?
  • And what do Blue Zones have to do with it all anyway?
Get answers to these questions and more for this one hour CPE course titled, "Get to Know the World's Blue Zones: How to Introduce Clients and Patients to a Lifestyle That Improves Health and Increases Longevity"  as Lynn Grieger, RDN, provides you with the results from the efforts of Dan Buettner and National Geographic. For more than a decade, they worked together to identify areas of the world where people routinely live past 100 years of age without heart disease, cancer, obesity or diabetes.
Find out what they discovered and how it can help your clients live longer, healthier lives.
You'll learn about the "Power 9," the nine specific traits all five Blue Zones share that contribute to longevity. And how you can introduce these same traits to help your clients improve their own health and live longer, happier lives. These are strategies that can be easily incorporated into your work with both individuals and groups.Whether you're a registered dietitian/nutritionist, health educator, nurse, or other health professional—anyone who wants a proven model for healthy living that's easy for clients to learn and adopt—this seminar is exactly what you need. Sign up today to guarantee being up to date at this essential learning session.