Food Label Law and Business Development 1 Hour CPE Course

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Judy Doherty, PC II and Ann Dunaway Teh, MS, RD, LD


This course is designed for food and nutrition professionals who wish to augment their understanding of food label law and business development. It's also perfect for people who want to play a role in developing recipes for restaurants, steering what and how nutrition information is provided, and/or playing an advisory role at foodservice establishments.


  • Meets the following learning needs codes: 1080, 1070, 4030, 7010, 7040, 7070, 8090, 8100
  • Reviews the new food labeling laws, nutrition facts panels, calculating nutrition information, available nutrition software, pricing services to clients, and even marketing tips
  • 1 hour CPE course
  • Includes downloadable completion certificate
  • Lifetime access to article and certificate
  • Read lessons, take quiz, get certificate, all at your leisure