Fiber, Fruits, Vegetables and Risk of Colon Cancer 1-Hour CPE Course


Dr. James J. Kenney, PhD, RD, FACN


This program is meant for nutrition, culinary, and dietary professionals like dietitians, family and consumer science teachers/agents, WIC, dietary managers, instructors, and other professionals. Broadly, it is for anyone who teaches nutrition, culinary art, and family and consumer science, or who conducts cooking demonstrations. Students who complete the course will be able to work more effectively with their clients in a health and nutrition education capacity. Further, after this course, they can train and update their own staff! Plus they will get up to date with current health trends and glossary terms.


  • Pathophysiology of Colorectal Cancer
  • Early Epidemiological Studies Found Fiber Protective
  • Dietary Fiber Alone Is Inconsistently Associated with Colorectal Cancer
  • Does Dietary Fat Promote Colorectal Cancer?
  • 1 Hour CPE course
  • Certificate you can download upon completion
  • Lifetime access to article and certificate
  • Read lessons, take quiz, get certificate, all at your leisure

Learning needs codes: 4040, 5150