Diet and Kidney Disease: 2-Hour CPE Course


Dr. James J. Kenney, PhD, RD, FACN

Course Overview:

This CPE course will cover:

  • What Diet Is Appropriate For Patients With Nephroliathiasis?
  • Should Dietary Calcium Be Restricted?
  • Should Dietary Oxalate Be Reduced?
  • Should Dietary Protein Be Restricted?
  • Is It Necessary To Limit Salt Intake?
  • It Is Better to Reduce Salt and Animal Protein than Calcium
  • Medical Treatment of Kidney Stones

Course Details:

  • 2 hour CPE course
  • Includes a certificate you can download upon completion
  • Features lifetime access to articles and certificates
  • Read lessons, take quiz, get certificate, all at your leisure
  • Learning needs codes: 5340, 4040, 5100