Debunking Fad Diets, Weight Loss Drugs, Success Tips for Weight Loss for Your Clients – On Demand Webinar

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Debunking Fad Diet Claims: How to Help Overweight and Obese Clients and Patients Choose the Safest, Most Effective Weight-Loss Program

Your Presenter: Lisa Andrews, MED, RD, LD, CEO Sound Bites Nutrition

As a health professional, you know first-hand just how serious a problem obesity has become in the U.S. The latest figures show that almost 70% of adults are overweight or obese. And the number of children in the same situation is on the rise as well.

Fad diets have been around for years, but lately it seems there are more of them than ever before. And with the number of books and celebrity endorsements—not to mention what’s on the Internet—pushing the legitimacy of fad diet claims, it’s difficult to convince clients that they don’t work. Especially when what people want is what most fad diets offer: a quick and easy fix to their weight problems.

To steer your clients, employees, and students toward safe and effective weight loss, and position yourself as the trusted expert they choose to work with, you have to be up-to-date on both the latest fad diet claims as well as the diets that can be successful. But with so much information coming out so quickly, how can you possibly keep up? What evidence do clients need to see or hear to prove to them that fad diets don’t work? And how do you convince them stick with a plan that will bring them success?

Get answers to these questions and more when you register to attend this watch-on-demand webinar, “Debunking Fad Diet Claims: How to Help Overweight and Obese Clients and Patients Choose the Safest, Most Effective Weight-Loss Program.” Then listen as Lisa Andrews, RD, provides you with information on the latest fad diet claims, the reasons they aren’t safe or won’t work, and how you can explain it all to your clients in terms they can understand and accept. You’ll also learn about several proven methods of weight control that do work, and what you can do to convince individual clients that one of these is a better way to go.

Whether you’re a registered dietitian, health education teacher, physician’s assistant, nurse, or other health professional—anyone who wants to help their clients and students achieve better weight-loss success—this seminar is exactly what you need.

Register today.