Kitchen Hack: Reduce Your Grocery Budget

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Everyone is concerned about stretching food dollars. One of the best ways to lower food costs is to look at what's on sale in the produce section and at the meat counter each week.

By being open-minded, you can save a substantial amount of money.

For example, the salmon in the fresh fish counter was almost half the price of the one in the freezer section, so I stocked up on it and asked the store to cut it so I could put it right in the freezer when I got home.

And the spinach was a better deal than the packaged lettuce mix in the produce section, so I chose that instead of Romaine, getting enough to use for salad and a vegetable side dish.

Plus, the 1% milk was cheaper than skim this week and plain yogurt was on sale for a better price than flavored versions. 

Finally, I found that chicken thighs were at a much lower price per pound than fresh boneless chicken breasts. So were frozen chicken tenders.

These are all examples from a single shopping trip! I figured I saved about $20 by doing this for the week, and now I will have new things to make in my kitchen.

Of course that is no surprise but it pays to look around as you shop rather than mindlessly put the same old things in the cart each week.

Here are a few more shopping resources to make your life easier...

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