Real Food Challenge

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Give participants a scorecard to use for 3 days. Each time they eat real food, they write it down and take 10 points. Points are added at the end and cards compared to see who did the best every day and at every meal.

Here is an introduction by Victoria Shanta Retelny, RD: When was the last time you ate “real” food? What I mean is the culmination of food groups that incorporate whole, fresh foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy, lean meat, chicken breast, fish, nuts, beans and olive oil. Here are some ways to whet your appetite for real food:

Experiment with your taste buds by eating only fresh, whole foods (nothing processed) for a full week. What will happen? Your need for salt, sugar and high fat foods will decrease.

Cook at home more and you won’t be swayed by fast food promises. Take the time to prepare veggies (frozen are fine!), bake some chicken, fish or tofu and simmer some grains on the stovetop. In minutes you’ll have a meal.

Bring fruits and vegetables as snacks – not only does this encourage real food eating, but saves on packaging waste!

Drink water, water and more water - from the tap is fine. Don’t drink your calories by relying on sports drinks, sugary soda and juice drinks. Green tea is a also a great source water and all of its plant-based nutrients are good for your skin, bones and overall health.

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