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Sarah Harding Laidlaw, MS, RD, MPA, Peak Nutrition Consultants, Glade Park, Colorado (peaknut@wic.net) has an excellent way to encourage clients to incorporate specific nutrients such as folate and calcium into their diets. She chooses recipes that are heart healthy, high in the target nutrient and easy to prepare. She then makes up several baskets containing the ingredients to prepare the recipes. Some baskets are used to demo recipes and others are used to raffle off at the end of her demo. When she is catering to large audiences, she prepares a batch or two of each recipe in advance so she will have enough “tastes”.
Her favorite recipes that are high in folate and other B vitamins include: Breakfast bars made with cereal, wheat germ and peanut butter, vegetable enchiladas/burritos with black beans, broccoli or spinach and cheese sauce. All items can be incorporated into a basket, especially if refrigeration is available. Hold the drawing for the baskets until the presentation and taste testing are over to keep clients until the end.

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