Quiz: How Calorie Savvy Are You?

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Take a look at the items above. You will see that the foods in the left-hand column are lower in calories per ounce than the ones listed on the right. Comparing foods by how much they weigh gives you a good way to see their calorie density. When you add white flour, sugar and refined oils to foods, the calorie density goes way up. Calorie-dense foods usually have a high fat or sugar content and contain little moisture or fiber. Take our quiz to sharpen your calorie knowledge. Have fun tallying up the results!

1. Per ounce, which potato food contains the least amount of calories (hint: think low in fat)?
a) baked potato b) French fries c) potato chips

2. Which grain food contains the least amount of calories per ounce (hint: think cooked with a higher water content)?
a) bread b) soft pretzel c) oatmeal

3. Which choice below would be the lowest-calorie breakfast (hint: think high in fiber)?
a) large bagel with cream cheese b) cooked oatmeal with skim milk c) fast food breakfast sandwich

4. Approximately how many ounces of a banana would equal the calories in just one ounce of french fries (hint: it’s more than 2)?
a) more than 3 b) less than 1 c) about 2

5. If you eat one large muffin from our chart above that weighs 6 ounces, how many calories would you consume (hint: it is the biggest number)?
a) 340 b) 420 c) 516

1. a) baked potato
2. c) oatmeal
3. b) cooked oatmeal with skim milk
4. a) more than 3
5. c) 516

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