10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Your Next Cooking Demonstration


Summer is cooking demo season!

That's why I want to offer you the list of 10 key questions I ask myself before every cooking demonstration in order to ensure a successful session.

  1. Will the recipe(s) I've chosen appeal to my audience?
  2. Does the space have the equipment I need?
  3. Have I read and practiced the recipe?
  4. Will my audience want copies of the recipe?
  5. Do I have the cooking equipment I need?
  6. Am I going to measure and chop on site or prep and pre-measure everything at home first?
  7. Can I get the food to the site and prepare it in a food-safe way?
  8. Am I going to serve samples?
  9. Is my presentation engaging?
  10. What tips can I share as I prepare the recipe?

And here are some other fantastic cooking demo resources...

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