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Super Appliances

There are many alternative cooking devices that can efficiently create a healthy dish in a quicker and easier way. Why not show one of these in your next demo? These devices include: panini grills, rice cookers, crock- pots, and nonstick woks. A panini maker makes great vegetarian sandwiches and vegetarian quesadillas with beans. Rice cookers cook rice and other whole grains automatically; all you have to?do is measure rice and water and combine them in the machine. The rice cooker shuts itself down when the rice is perfectly cooked, so burnt rice is never an issue. The amounts of water and rice vary to your liking of the rice?s texture. The crock-pot will have soup ready when you get home. A nonstick wok is great for stiry fries or soups.

Super Savings

Can you imagine how much money, time and calories you could save if you prepared your own meals at home instead of dining out?

For example, If you decided to order a lasagna dinner at a restaurant, it would cost you about $12.00 per person; however, if you prepared it at home it would only cost $0.80 per person. The restaurant would also take an hour to cook this meal, while it would only take forty-five minutes at home. Not only could you save money and time, you could save half the calories eating this meal home-cooked instead of from a restaurant.

Ask your class to calculate the real cost of a restaurant three ways. How long does it take to get ready to go out, commute, wait to be seated, wait to be served, and wait for the check? How much does it cost? And how many calories are likely in what they usually choose in a restaurant? Now, calculate what it takes to make the same meal at home? How much time do you save? How many calories? And how much money? Multiply that by once a week and for a year!

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