Presentation Ideas You Can Use – Nutrition Month Demo

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Tropical fruit platter Presentation Ideas You Can Use - Nutrition Month Demo
March as Nutrition Month is?here and it is time for some fun?ideas for back to basics and we?interpret that to be fruits and?veggies. We will be emailing?you the comments we receive?from our subscribers.
Here is one we made up for you?with tropical fruits:
Tropical fruits are in season?now and we found an array in?our local supermarket and?farmer?s market. Whole Foods?has them too and you can find?more in ethnic grocery stores.
Canestel?is a yellow fruit that?tastes like egg custard; it?should be served very ripe. It?looks good if you serve it?scooped it like ice cream.
Ugly fruit?looks like a big?grapefruit and it tastes like?lemonade candy. It is fun to?pair it with grapefruit and?pomello for comparison. Keep?refrigerated.
Mango, passion fruit and papaya?are more common and are?wonderful when ripened and?sliced.
Sapote?- ?is known as?chocolate fruit and is quite?beautiful when cut - it tastes?like chocolate and has the consistency?of avocado when ripe.
Carambola?is shaped like a?star and is called star fruit.
There are many types of?oranges?on the market. One?thing that is useful is to show?how to to peel a nectarine and?then wrap in plastic so it is?ready to go for snacks and?lunch boxes.
If you would like to see photos?of the fruits we used, check out?our blog at? Our?mixed tropical fruit platter is?pictured above.
FMI visit our favorite fruit stand?online at? -?click on Tropical Specialties?near the bottom of the page.
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