Presentation Ideas: Food Safety, Red Yeast Rice, and Eat This Not That

Here are fun project requests from readers that have turned into resources for you:

Simple Food Safety Powerpoint show is now online in the member area. Cathy, a church foodservice manager, called because she wants a show for her senior volunteers to teach them foodsafety. Simple, compelling and effective were the objectives. We started by explaining that food safety is not what it was 20 years ago and we showed the most recent foodborne illness outbreaks. Then we gave simple steps for T and C or temperature and clean.

Stephanie Correnti, RD, asked Dr. Kenney about the red rice yeast. Here are recommendations on red yeast rice from Dr. Kenney: “I do not want to recommend a specific RYR product. Your best bet would be to go to and get a RYR product that they have analyzed and recommend that has a moderate amount of natural statins and no detectable citrinin. All RYR products have at least a little lovastatin, which is naturally occurring but bioidentical with Merck's patented Mevacor. While not likely should symptoms of statin toxicity result (ie, muscle soreness, weakness) the product should be discontinued. Odds of adverse effects with RYR products are certainly less than the mildests of the prescription statins - prevastatin.

Eat This, Not That is an effective message that makes a fun presentation. You can show all meals from breakfast, lunch, dinner plus snacks and beverages, using real food, food models, magazine photos or photos in a PowerPoint show, to illustrate what they are eating versus what they should be eating. This concept can get across many messages in a relevant fashion quickly and it is very visual. Victoria Shanta Retelny, RD, asked us for help with such a show and so we have loaded these photos into the member gallery so you can make one, too. See our project here: EAT THIS NOT THAT.

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UP NEXT IN Food and Health, Prevention, Kids
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